Vaishnavi Kandhadai


For as long as I know, I have been in love with content. There is something compelling about writing beautiful pieces of sentences that can breathe life into intricate concepts, give voice to perspectives and bring simple joys only words can. Thankfully, I am good at what I love!

I have been sharing my passion for writing and social media marketing with news agencies, startups and non-profit organizations for the past six years. Over the course, I have had the pleasure of working for a varied set of mediums like print, broadcast and online. While weaving my magic, I also attended business school and got an MBA in Information Systems because higher education has always proven to be the best way to amplify your brand!

Now that I have graduated, I am back to doing what I dig the most: creating content, strategizing their reach  and spreading the message that social content can help reinforce structure into an organization’s marketing initiatives!